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I've experienced his incredible influence on an entire generation of young singers... He has been tireless in his support of his voice students... I am especially in awe of Craig's ability to support young signers in his commitment to be present.

Craig has such a vast appreciation and knowledge of the human voice, which makes him a great voice teacher. But more importantly, Craig has an unsurpassed gift of being able to instill in his students a belief in their own voice and art in a way that encourages creativity and inspires confidence, both of which are rare and priceless assets in the life of an artist today.

Without Craig, I would not be singing today. Craig supports, encourages, uplifts, and truly believes in his students. He gives his students the technical, artistic, musical, and emotional support they need to succeed at the highest level, and he is tireless in his quest for their success.

After studying with Dr. Johnson..., not only did my technique improve by leaps and bounds, I discovered a supportive teacher who wanted nothing more than for me to achieve everything possible vocally and personally. Such empowerment is truly life changing. 

Craig provides the firmest guidance alongside the most heartfelt and sincere sensitivity, making him a true master in the art of pedagogy... Nobody I have encountered  has ever come close to the level at which Craig commits himself to his students.

Craig is one  of the most dedicated voice teachers I have ever met. He is utterly devoted to his students' progress and success. Craig inspires a true love and passion for our art form in his students, like no teacher I have ever met.

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